The Vetter Homes Story

Everything we build is with the highest standards. As our client, that’s what you deserve. You deserve Vetter.

Don and Leo discuss finishing touches on the job.

Our experience at Vetter Homes stems from the days of Vetter Drywall over 50 years ago in the 1960’s. You’ll still see some of our earliest work today in prominent locations like the Gold Seal Building or the Wells Fargo Bank in Bismarck, or the Billings County Courthouse in Medora.

In 1977, we constructed our first home — marking the beginning of the Vetter Homes we know today.

finish work on another vetter homes build
Finish work on another vetter homes build.

Over time, we completed more projects and started to build a portfolio of some of the most complex and luxurious home-builds in the state, as well as numerous types of commercial property, from apartments and townhomes, to professional buildings and storage facilities. Through this wide variety of contracting experience, we’re proud to say that we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most highly experienced and professional builders in the state.

All the while we’ve kept this business a family operation with numerous experts under one roof. From concept drawings and architecture, to framing, finishing, and the complex task of juggling subcontractors and building code, our team has the experience and knowledge to make your build a success.

A 50 year history doesn’t always sum up neat and clean on a webpage. So take a look at our team bios, our projects list, or setup a meeting to see how our contracting expertise can be put to work for you.

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