Meet the team who makes Vetter Homes work for you.

Leo Vetter President Leo Vetter, founder and President

Leo started Vetter Homes after spending his youth working with his father and brother in the building industry. During his many years in the construction industry, Leo has led the completion of everything from complex custom homes, to budget-friendly spec houses, to multi-phase town house developments, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, government buildings, and more.

With his experience building across North Dakota, Leo acquired a deep knowledge of contracting. That means, when you build with Vetter Homes, you’ll get a well-built property, no matter what your budget is.

Leo, an accountant by education, understands budgeting and he will make sure the walls go up right, but also ensure that product selections and expectations stay on track. His clean, clear communication coupled with years of experience estimating and building, mean that project bids are accurate and that any changes along the way come to you before it’s time to turn over the keys.

Building is a partnership. When you work with Leo and the Vetter Homes team, you know you are starting a partnership you can trust.

IMG_0872Diane Vetter, co-founder and Vice President

Leo’s better half, Diane has been an integral part of Vetter Homes for over 30 years and brings unique, valuable perspective to each project.

As an electrical designer (who grew up watching her father build Edling Electric, Inc.), Diane’s skills evaluating and designing the lighting and electrical plans for your property are one more thing we tackle in-house.

natalie bio picNatalie Fisk, Project Manager & Drafting-Design Lead

As a youngster, Natalie grew up on the job site — alongside her parents, Leo and Diane — working and learning the contracting business inside and out. Today, Natalie not only uses knowledge from her early years, but also brings design skills and education from Arizona State University and North Dakota State University to develop building plans.

As our lead designer and draftsperson, Natalie can take your plans from a sketch on a napkin or internet print out, to something you’re proud to call your own, while she also serves as the day-to-day project manager between subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

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